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Using Next Exit History for Events and Tours

The beauty of an app like Next Exit History lies in its flexibility. The ability to take a large network, add your own network and connect your content to others in a way that is valuable to both you as a site and app users. Flexibility helps to ensure that no matter your goals and how often they change, there are ways to incorporate the features of Next Exit History to make it work for you.


There are many features that can help organizations meet their goals. We offer video, audio and multilingual text capabilities. You can create tours (both guided and unguided). And you can create scavenger hunts and add trivia questions using History Hunters where app users can earn badges based on the points you assign to the questions and for check ins.


So whether you are looking to help guide school groups through a more immersive experience or are looking to provide economic development solutions to your downtown, we’re the app for that.


As a case study, you can look at the Mistory Podcast project. The Mistory Podcast is a project based out of the Innovation Institute at the University of West Florida. The concept behind Mistory is to share a historical time period through the stories of unsolved crimes from the past. Podcasts are released in 3 part series, each being released about 2 weeks apart. With each Podcast, there are press releases and social media posts that share the story and keep listeners up to date on the stories in the series. Beyond that though, the locations relevant to the stories are organized into tours within the Next Exit History app.


These tours add a facet to the stories that are usually unavailable with Podcasts. By following the tour, app users can follow the story line and see what they think happened as well as have a glimpse into the locations as they would have been during the time of the mysterious crime. It also helps to provide further details as to what life would have been like not only in the town but also in the lives of those involved.


To further the impact of these stories the app also offers the ability to involve local businesses. The tours GPS positioning and the History Hunters gaming feature allow the ability to move app users from one location to another as well as guide app users to local businesses to take advantage of special offers, whether they are a business located in an building if interest in the story, very like Ozone’s Pizza which is located in the Old Sacred Heart Hospital where part of the Dangers of Dating series took place, or they are located near a location on the tour where tour takers can stop for refreshments and contemplate how the area would have looked at the time of the events in the podcast, such as the Tin Cow just a few doors down from the Seanger Theatre.


Regardless of being a podcast, a special event, a special tour for a group in town or celebrating a community anniversary or holiday there are ways to achieve your goals using Next Exit History- it’s just a matter of thinking beyond the app.