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Visitor Experiences and Local Communities
Visitor Experiences and Local Communities

Next Exit History is hoping to become part of the bridge closing the gap between Visitor and Local Economies. We believe that every community has a story that should be shared. That community and culture traits should be preserved and celebrated. As individuals, we yearn for connection. Connection to new places and new people but also to shared beliefs and histories. And all of these things should be accessible by all.

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Twitter post from Badlands National Park
Social Media in the Age of #Resistance

Social Media in the Age of #Resistance: Jimmy Grant, HRA

Cultural institutions have long recognized the value of a robust social media
presence. Whether using it as a tool to keep supporters updated on special events,
or as technology to bridge geographic divides, social media provides an efficient
platform to get a message out there for the world. In 2017, cultural institutions
demonstrated another important role of social media: advocacy.

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