Lee Chapel Church

1871 - 1951

On this site stood Lee Chapel, a Methodist Episcopal Church, built 1871 and named in honor of General Robert E. Lee. Lee Chapel replaced Mount Carmel Church which had been located at Ox Road and present day Lee Chapel Road and had been destroyed by fire. Many Sundays were spent here in worship and fellowship by some of the oldest and most respected families of Fairfax County. Around 1928, combined circumstances, including impassable roads, made it necessary to close the church; however Lee Chapel became an active church again in 1939 following an increase of new families into the area and the desire of the former members to reopen the church. Twelve years later, due to the ill-fated proposal to build the Burke National Airport (later Dulles) in the area, the church was closed for the final time in October, 1951. Plagued by Vandalism after closing, the church building was finally destroyed by controlled burning. Lee Chapel Cemetery is under the care of Sydenstricker United Methodist Church which holds its annual Easter Sunrise Service on this site.

Marker is at the intersection of Fairfax County Parkway (County Route 7100) and Lee Chapel Road (County Route 643), on the right when traveling north on Fairfax County Parkway.

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