George Campbell Childress

(January 8, 1804 - October 6, 1841)

Born into a prominent Nashville, Tennessee, family, George Campbell Childress attended Davidson Academy (later the University of Nashville). He was admitted to the bar in 1828, the same year he married Margaret Vance. ...

Fort George Island

Ft. George Island presents a cross-section of the Florida story. Timucuan Indians inhabited this island when French explorer Jean Ribault landed nearby in 1562. A Spanish mission was established here before 1600 to serve the Timucuans. Known to the Spanish ...

Alexander Hamilton Horse Artillery Battery

Here Early December 1776 Alexander Hamilton (Graduate of King’s College) with his Battery of horse artillery covered the ford of the Raritan delaying the advance of the British across the river while Washington withdrew through Princeton to Trenton

Marker can ...

Lee Chapel Church

1871 - 1951

On this site stood Lee Chapel, a Methodist Episcopal Church, built 1871 and named in honor of General Robert E. Lee. Lee Chapel replaced Mount Carmel Church which had been located at Ox Road and present day ...

George Washington Parke Custus and Arlington Chapel

Arlington's first house of worship, the Chapel of Ease of Arlington Plantation, was near this location. George Washington Parke Custis built it about 1825 for this family, neighbors, and servants. Services were conducted by students from the Episcopal Theological Seminary ...

Zona Gale

Zona Gale was born August 26, 1874, in Portage. She graduated in 1899 from the University of Wisconsin-Madison with a Masters in Literature. Gale then spent six years as a journalist in Milwaukee and New York.

Her visits to Portge ...


S. 3 mi. Once center of wool industry. Here on July 16, 1910; three rural schools formed Woolmarket Vocational High School, considered to be the first consolidated high school in the state.

Marker is at the intersection of Woolmarket Road ...

Manuel Garcia Adobe

Built in the 1840's by Manuel Garcia, a Portuguese merchant, this is the only surviving Monterey style adobe in Orange County. Owned by the Oyharzabal family since 1880, its uses have included: French Hotel, a general store and the town's ...

The Edward V. Valentine Sculpture Studio

Built in the early 1830s as a carriage house and stable at nearby 809 East Leigh Street, this building was purchased by sculptor Edward Valentine in 1871. To bring in the indirect natural lighting favored by artists, he installed a ...

Burke Station

Burke Station was raided in December, 1862, by Confederate General J.E.B. Stuart. It was from this site, originally Burke Station Depot, that he sent his famous telegram to Union Quartermaster General Meigs complaining of the poor quality of the Union ...