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Upper Swan Valley Historical Society
How A Small Museum Used Next Exit History to Expand Its Audience

In this eBook you can discover how a small, regional, seasonal and volunteer run historical society is using Next Exit History to expand its audience and engage its visitors and locals alike. 

Nestled between the Mission and Swan mountain ranges in west-central Montana, the Upper Swan Valley Historical Society is expanding its outreach through Next Exit History.

Over the past year, the Society has worked to incorporate digital exhibits into its museum and to use this approach to showcase its offerings and extend its operations beyond the summer season. With a limited budget and all-volunteer staff, the Society has been able to engage residents in this sparsely populated valley in discovering and celebrating a diverse and fascinating history. In so doing, this small organization hopes to promote tourism and economic development by establishing a “digital history corridor” between two iconic national parks – Yellowstone National Park and Glacier National Park.

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